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It’s noon. You’re just waking up and the room is spinning; the walls are unfocused and your head is fuzzy; you literally cannot see straight. “What happened last night?” you ask yourself. As you, slowly, begin to make the moves at becoming vertical and peel yourself off your bed, you plant your feet on the ground, your left foot goes straight for a puddle of old beer and your right foot slams firmly in the ashtray. “Awesome,” you think to yourself, “I wonder if it’s just my room?”

As you make the walk down the hallway towards the bathroom, which becomes the longest walk of your life and is more like a trip down (lost) memory lane, you get a glimpse at what the rest of the house looks like. In the living room, a couple of friends are sprawled out on the couch and another is slumped over on the leather recliner wearing what seems to be the last of the “punch” all over her white shirt. And the kitchen looks like a crime scene of epic proportions; garbage everywhere and the hardened remnants of those red Jell-o shots all over the cabinets.

You take a moment before anyone wakes up, look around with pride, and smile to yourself, “great party.” You know this short-lived peaceful moment will wear off and reality will sink in…cleaning this place is going to be a nightmare.

Cleaning the wood floors won’t be too much of a problem, but how do you manage cleaning all the beer and “punch” stains from the carpet? That’s going to cost a fortune and for you and your fraternity brothers, money is not necessarily pouring in. You also know this is certainly not going to be the last time you throw a party so cleaning is going to become a regular post-rager chore for all the guys.

Before the guys wake up you start to do some research into cleaning supplies and maybe think it’s a good investment to purchase professional carpet cleaning supplies. Kleaner Supply and Service pops up and they have exactly what you’re looking – they sell cleaning supplies wFeatured imageholesale as well as provide cleaning services. You ultimately decide that this is what you need, and given your minimal ‘bro’-budget their used carpet cleaning equipment is perfect. Now, all you have to do is get the rest of the house to shell out some cash.

A few minutes later, everyone starts to rumble and groan and take in the scene you’ve already digested and you reassure the guys that you’ve got the cleaning supplies all taken care of.