Post-Party Depression


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It’s noon. You’re just waking up and the room is spinning; the walls are unfocused and your head is fuzzy; you literally cannot see straight. “What happened last night?” you ask yourself. As you, slowly, begin to make the moves at becoming vertical and peel yourself off your bed, you plant your feet on the ground, your left foot goes straight for a puddle of old beer and your right foot slams firmly in the ashtray. “Awesome,” you think to yourself, “I wonder if it’s just my room?”

As you make the walk down the hallway towards the bathroom, which becomes the longest walk of your life and is more like a trip down (lost) memory lane, you get a glimpse at what the rest of the house looks like. In the living room, a couple of friends are sprawled out on the couch and another is slumped over on the leather recliner wearing what seems to be the last of the “punch” all over her white shirt. And the kitchen looks like a crime scene of epic proportions; garbage everywhere and the hardened remnants of those red Jell-o shots all over the cabinets.

You take a moment before anyone wakes up, look around with pride, and smile to yourself, “great party.” You know this short-lived peaceful moment will wear off and reality will sink in…cleaning this place is going to be a nightmare.

Cleaning the wood floors won’t be too much of a problem, but how do you manage cleaning all the beer and “punch” stains from the carpet? That’s going to cost a fortune and for you and your fraternity brothers, money is not necessarily pouring in. You also know this is certainly not going to be the last time you throw a party so cleaning is going to become a regular post-rager chore for all the guys.

Before the guys wake up you start to do some research into cleaning supplies and maybe think it’s a good investment to purchase professional carpet cleaning supplies. Kleaner Supply and Service pops up and they have exactly what you’re looking – they sell cleaning supplies wFeatured imageholesale as well as provide cleaning services. You ultimately decide that this is what you need, and given your minimal ‘bro’-budget their used carpet cleaning equipment is perfect. Now, all you have to do is get the rest of the house to shell out some cash.

A few minutes later, everyone starts to rumble and groan and take in the scene you’ve already digested and you reassure the guys that you’ve got the cleaning supplies all taken care of.


Service and Supplies with a Smile


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Whether you’re in the market for commercial carpet cleaning machines or cleaning supplies at wholesale prices, Kleaners Supply has what you’re looking for and we’ll sell it to you with a smile. Whatever your commercial or industrial needs, you’ll be very happy with the prices on our professional carpet cleaning supplies. But we don’t just do carpets; we stock truck mounted cleaning machines of all types as well as a plethora of other cleaning supplies and chemicals. If we don’t have what you need in stock we will get it for you. Our goal here at Kleaners Supply is to exceed the expectations of every customer that walks through our door—or calls our phone or sends us an email.

We often receive the nicest emails from clients and we want to share them with the world. Quality customer service is our number one priority so nothing makes us happier than hearing from a satisfied customer. We just received this letter from a client we helped out a couple of months ago…

I am the Janitorial Supervisor at a prestigious college preparatory high school. As you may imagine, the pressure to keep the place looking perfectly cleaned and manicured 24/7 is high. But when you’re cleaning up after hundreds of teenagers every day of the week, keeping a spotless house isn’t exactly the easiest task. Unfortunately, while the parents and donors expect this flawless look they also don’t want to “waste” too much of their money on the cleaning duties. So being in charge of the janitorial staff under these conditions can be difficult.

Since I was hired here last year I have tried out a couple of cleaning supply companies. When cleaning is your business, the company that supplies you your chemicals and machines is of the utmost importance. I tried one company whose prices were great but their supplies were terrible quality. Then there was the company who had somewhat decent prices and fine quality products but their customer service was AWFUL. Then I found Kleaners Supply.

Not only did Kleaners Supply have top quality products at incredible prices, but their customer service was—still is—incredible! I was even having trouble with a truck mounted pressure washer that I had purchased from another comFeatured imagepany when I first started my search for the perfect cleaning supply company and Kleaners had a super friendly, super skilled technician take a look at it without a second thought.

Now the school looks great all the time and I’m getting praise from the higher-ups. I am so happy with the level of service and superb quality of the products I get from Kleaners Supply. I can’t say thank you enough!

Fast and Professional Response

I was just hired as a facilities manager at a local office building. The position had clearly been neglected previously and there was an event happening in the building. This building had it all: stains on the carpets, floors that had not been cleaned in a while, you name it. Needless to say, I was on a time crunch. I was given the funds to be able to stock the building with supplies and equipment; I researched different companies that have the things I need. After stumbling onto the Kleaners Supply and Service website, I saw that they had exactly what I needed and the prices were great. I emailed and received a fast and professional response within a day. Needed the order on a Saturday? No problem! I set up an appointment and could not be happier. These guys really are the best.

The items I needed include: backpack vacuums, carpet wands, floor scrubbers, and all the chemicals that go with them. The thing that surprised me about Kleaners Supply was the reasonable prices, quality service with a smile (hard to come by these days), and variety of available items. What a great company. I was in and out of there in less than an hour. With any equipment, there is worry of whether it will work and do its job or not. The prices were great but would that come at a cost? Or was this just too good to be true? To this day, months later, they run like they were purchased yesterday.

I also took advantage of the IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician Class as well. In the class, I learned safety equipment and its long-range effect on your health, equipment options and which choices may be most effective in which application, deodorization principles and product choices, and how to set up and process a fire loss to ensure success, both with structure and contents. They teach the five common costly mistakes that restorers make and other great information that I would not necessarily need for my work, but have helped me tremendously. The class is well worth the money. They provide lunch too. That just shows what kind of company this is. This company has people that care.

Now my building is set up with an account. I set up delivery from this great company; I would highly recommend this option. Every week, supplies are delivered timely and professionally. I can always count on them for great products at great prices. If you are in the position of needing any of their items, do not hesitate. Do yourself a favor and order directly from Kleaners Supply and Service.

Keeping it Klean!


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At Kleaners Supply and Service, we specialize in being a full service mechanic shop while supplying cleaning and janitorial supplies. Our quality products and customer service put you first help save you money and get the job done. While we can get you anything you need, our main suppliers include: Amsoil, Versaclean, ProRestore, Go Clean, Sapphire Scientific, and much more.

We are a full service mechanic shop, with certified technicians that do installs on all makes and models of truck mount units and vehicles. Our services include: installing roll up side doors for box trucks, custom shelves, restoration equipment, dehumidifiers generator repairs, Certified Onan, and Generac Tech onsite, fabrication and welding services.

Need a custom install? See website for pictures of our work: a Ford Box Truck where we installed custom shelving for the air movers and dehumidifiers, custom hose reels for the solution lines, and converted the vacuum reel to electric. Also see the new pressure treated wood, sealed gaps between the wood, and spray lined floor on a truck that was completely rotted away due to water damage and age. Please feel free to consult us with any questions. We are happy to accommodate your needs and do what it takes to get the job done.

Our new truck mounts include a Sapphire Scientific 370 w/ 120-gallon waste tank and a Sapphire Scientific The RAGE w/ 90-gallon waste tank (Includes Pump Clutch); both come with a two-year warranty. See website for more options. In our equipment section, you will find janitorial tools, restoration equipment, air movers, sprayers, rotary tools, testing equipment, and more. Currently, we have the POWR FLITE Premium Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum for $519. There is also a Mytee Whisper Dry air mover for $289.

What would all these machines be without the cleaning chemicals? We carry janitorial chemicals, restoration chemicals, working man chemicals, pre sprays, cleaners, rinses, and deodorizers. A Harvard Blast It – 5 Gallon Pail, industrial strength detergent degreaser costs $90. A Harvard 1 Gallon low foaming neutral carpet and upholstery detergent costs $22.25. We have accessories like carpet wands, detail tools, and vacuum hoses too.

Kleaners Supply and Service also offers an IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician Class. You’ll learn facts about your safety equipment regarding its effects on your health, equipment options, and which choices may be most effective for you. We will talk about deodorization principles and product choices, pack-out considerations, as well as how to set up and process a fire loss to ensure success, both with structure and contents.

You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes that restorers make. This course costs $299 if paid in advanced, $349.00 if paid the day of the class. The test is $65 and we will provide lunch both days. The knowledge you will gain through this class that will help you avoid mistakes will pay for the class many times over.

Contact Kleaners Supply and Service today at (501) 765-5492 or email us We look forward to hearing from you!